When Windows XP was released in 2001, the internet was a completely different place to what its become today. Security threats were very different and attacked computers in different ways and was a key part in our jobs. The days of Drive by downloads, fake rogue antivirus software, the Metropolitan Police Virus ect, these were rife in the Windows XP and Vista days, but why don’t we see these kinds of attacks anymore? Did the hackers simply get bored? No, they made a fortune from these installs of malware, but the simple answer is, they are no longer easy to install.

Windows today

Windows 10 prevents this. With its tightened security patches, fast released security updates, a threat can be found, fixed and delivered within hours thanks to its rapid update system where as Windows XP, Vista, 7 could take days before these updates were installed. So why would ANYONE want to use a Windows XP computer online? We are also asking the same question. The old saying “If its not broken, don’t fix it” saying is thrown around way too much when it comes to computers, but these store so much information, sometimes, personal financial information, even login details to various websites including banking sites such as PayPal, why risk it all?

Refurbished Windows 10 laptops are widely available from as little as £100, from us at Holsworthy Computers too and we can offer to transfer all your information from your old to your new, keeping it super convenient and making the transition smooth and easy. Plus, Windows 10 seems to be the final version of Windows with only feature updates and software patches, so once your used to it, it’ll be plain sailing for years to come.


Windows XP – Security threats, easily hackable, Don’t use it.
Windows 10 – Fast, Easy to use, Secure, hard to beat, Use it.